The questions that people ask me regarding the appeal...feel free to ask your own questions and they will be addressed (so long as they are not designed just to antagonise!!!).

Why is it called Isn't that a bit egotistical?

It's called that because, oddly, that's my name and the name that people know. It would be daft not to use it to launch this. Having said that, as the organisation grows the plan is for to become a subsidiary of a bigger organisation which will be home to many voices. This is stage one of the operation, as it were.


Will you continue working with the mainstream?

Yes I will, so long as 'it' will have me. The vast majority of people are in the mainstream. Some people watch/read/listen to nothing but mainstream. It's in the mainstream that some of the greatest changes can take effect seeing as there is power in numbers.

Who benefits by me only talking to those who already know what I know? The opportunity to educate and inform lies in the mainstream. That comes from relaying new 'stuff' to people who aren't already in the loop, rather than 'preaching to the converted'.


Why don't you work with other people in the alternative news arena?

I do and I will continue to. However, I believe I am uniquely placed to attract a mainstream audience AND an alternative audience and so need a unique platform to do it. will host other alternative news services as well - thus exposing these voices to a wider, mainstream audience.

Do we accept donations?

No, we no longer accept donations. At the beginning of we did, however, we realised public donations is no longer a viable choice for funding


What kind of people will be on

Well there will be many people I have worked with on my previous show, Sonia Poulton Live. So far I have talked with, amongst others, bloggers Keith Ordinary Guy and Scriptonite, legendary campaigner Maggie Tuttle, film maker Bill Maloney, geo-engineering expert Max Bliss and psychotherapist Rhiannon Daniels. I have excellent relationships with many experts and activists and the platform will play host to numerous inspiring voices.


Why aren't you answering my question?

Are you an avatar? Do we know your identity? There are too many unidentified people wasting time on the internet. There is more to life than responding to anonymous inquiries where the source of the question cannot be ascertained. Unless you are prepared to stand up behind your name and true identity then we won't be entering into circular arguments. If you ask us a decent question then you will receive a decent answer but life is too short to engage with people who only want to obstruct. We do not oppose fair or critical questions so long as we know they are legitimate and not designed purely to create unnecessary delays in what we are setting out to achieve.